Thanks to the passage of Proposition 207, Arizona is one step closer to making it easier for people with certain marijuana-related offenses on their records to have them expunged. The process will be free.

Last week, the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts sent out a press release with a link to a website that helps individuals find out if they qualify for expungement, along with the necessary application forms.

“Provisions for expunging records that show the arrest, charge, adjudication, conviction or sentence of certain marijuana-related offenses take effect July 12, 2021,” it said.


In order to fill out the forms, individuals will need specific case information, such as case or arrest number, the jurisdiction the offense happened in and the arresting agency.

Although not all marijuana-related offenses are covered, the law states anyone convicted, charged or arrested (or even acquitted) of possessing, consuming or transporting 2.5 ounces or less of marijuana, with no more than…

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