Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has signed a hemp bill into law that brings the state into line with the Federal 2018 Farm Bill.

Senate Bill 188, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 68, saw a number of changes introduced, including the modification of the definition of the plant – the Act uses the term “hemp” instead of “industrial hemp” throughout.

The Act also repeals Wisconsin’s hemp pilot program, which will occur one year after U.S. Department of Agriculture establishes a plan for regulating production of the crop.

Among other changes is a “truth-in-labeling” requirement forbidding the mislabelling of hemp or a hemp product, including making inaccurate claims about a product’s contents, THC levels, quality or origin.

The Act also clarifies laws governing hemp may not be construed to limit access to products containing cannabidiol (CBD).  Additionally, farmers will have greater protection, with a requirement  that hemp buyers purchasing under contract must pay the farmer within seven…

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