New York, the state with the America’s most populous and one of its most visited cities, did not legalize marijuana this year. For a consolation prize, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state lawmakers did pass what might look like the next-best thing: decriminalization.

As soon as Cuomo signs the bill into law, possession of up to two ounces of cannabis flower will be a “violation,” punishable by a fine of “no more than $200.” Someone caught with less than an ounce can be punished no more severely than with a $50 fine, but an ounce of flower, only.

For anyone possessing cannabis concentrates — including, strictly legally speaking, the contents of vape pens — the same old bad laws are still in effect. The same is true in other states and cities that have separate statutes for flower and concentrated cannabis, and that have failed to change one while altering the other.

And that’s just bad policy,…

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