In September, we get to vote on whether to legalise personal possession of cannabis in New Zealand. For a glimpse into what that might look like, Harrison Christian reports from California, where the legal pot business is booming – bringing good times (and some bad) to the masses.

At a pot dispensary in San Francisco, customers wait in an area resembling a swanky hotel lobby until a cannabis consultant beckons them to a marble counter.

Here, there’s an exchange about their needs and preferred method of consumption. The customer is shown a menu with a staggering range of options: there are transdermal patches, body balms and disposable vape pens; sparkling drinks, chocolate-covered goji berries and watermelon-flavoured gummies.

Still deeper in the menu are extracts, tinctures, gel capsules and pomegranate tea bags – all of them, to one degree or another, are infused with cannabis

Then there are the actual flowers of the plant, green…

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