Responsible cannabis consumers refrains from driving while impaired from significant cannabis use, nobody wants a DUI.

That point is apparently lost on cannabis opponents, who argue cannabis reform will inevitably and immediately be followed by a ‘stoned driver’ epidemic.

The ‘terror on the roadways’ argument is one of the most popular talking points for cannabis opponents, even though it is not well-founded.

No state or country on the planet that has legalized cannabis for adult use has also legalized impaired driving, nor is that expected to ever happen.

Impaired driving due to cannabis use was, is, and likely always will be illegal and related laws will be enforced against those that violate the law.

With that being said, not all cannabis DUI policies are created equal, as demonstrated by a recent study.

THC Per Se Laws

In some jurisdictions, cannabis DUI policies are based on per se THC limits. Per se THC limits establish a testing threshold.

If someone has…

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