This September, the largest legal medical cannabis crop in Southeast Asia was planted at Thailand’s Maejo University, in its medical-grade greenhouse. The crop is made up of 12,000 cannabis sprouts, which will be cultivated and to turned into cannabis oil.

The Bangkok Post reports the crop is the first-ever done to industrial scale in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. In theory, the crop will be able to produce one million bottles of cannabis oil, containing five milliliters of cannabis oil each by next February. That oil will be produced from 2.4 tons of dry marijuana flowers grown in about 32,722 square feet of space.

Historically, Thailand has had a thriving underground cannabis scene, but the government heavily criminalized the plant as one of America’s allies in the War on Drugs. However, in December 2018, Thailand’s conservative government jumped on board the growing international cannabis movement and legalized a strict medical marijuana industry.

This August,…

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