New York’s cannabis legalization law contains a provision to expunge certain convictions for marijuana-related offenses, and the state Office of Court Administration said the measure is expected to wipe out criminal records for potentially tens of thousands of people — including 19 individuals who are currently serving state prison terms.

The deadline for expunging marijuana-possession convictions is two years from when the law was signed last week by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said OCA spokesman Lucian Chafen. Right now, he said, the estimate of marijuana-related offenses that will be expunged is about 108,000, but that number is expected to grow to about 150,000 when they’re able to identify all portions of the relevant cases.

Those figures do not represent the number of people whose criminal records may be expunged, but the total number of convictions — with some individuals potentially having more than one conviction for offenses that are no longer a crime.


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