Cannabis is a new industry but women have to overcome a lot of the same old barriers. Cyo Ray Nystrom, founder and CEO of Quim Rock, left her startup life in tech to launch a line of cannabis and CBD centered female self-care products. Her mission is to create plant-based products that enhance pleasure and foster sustainable practices for vaginal health.

What brought you into the cannabis industry?

Like so many others, my father was incarcerated for non-violent cannabis crimes in the early nineties and the impact of the war on drugs was felt deeply in our household. When MCRSA (Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act) was signed in 2015 by Governor Jerry Brown, I saw an opportunity to participate in a burgeoning space where I would have the opportunity to lay foundational groundwork and help shape the equitable development of the industry.

Additionally, I’d been consuming cannabis for years but felt that my type…

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