A hemp farm based in the Pacific Northwest is suing numerous processers for failing to show up and process their crop after receiving a hefty down payment.

Jefferson State Farms from Medford, Oregon – owned by Ben and Kathleen Yuma – is suing a group of harvesters who left them hanging after getting paid a six-figure down payment. Palex Enterprises, Hemp Warehouse, Great Horizons, and four individual processors are the listed defendants.

The lawsuit, totaling over $11 million, is claiming civil fraud, unlawful trade practices, and breech of contract. According to Jefferson State Farms, the defendants were paid $136,000 to harvest 112,500 hemp plants, starting October 9, 2019.

About a week after the start date had passed, the Yumas confronted the companies and received $50,000 back, but were still waiting on the final $86,000 from their initial down payment, despite numerous promises of reimbursement.

On Nov. 6, the Yumas made another attempt to collect…

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