Oklahoma is currently working on the implementation of cannabis breathalyzers. This would be a huge step forward, as it would be the first time states could fairly test whether or not drivers are under the influence. 

According to the Associated Press, the test would be groundbreaking in that it would be able to determine whether folks had used cannabis in the past few hours.

As of now, law enforcement can only test for cannabis by testing blood, urine, or hair. The problem with that system is, cannabis will show up even if the driver smoked days prior, so there’s no clear way to tell who is actually driving stoned and who isn’t. Also, any breathalyzer introduced needs to be able to detect THC so that people aren’t testing positive for CBD use. 

Could The Breathalyzers Become A Reality?

Last week, Oklahoma passed a bill that would allocate $300,000 to this project. If this is…

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