Morocco, Europe’s largest cannabis supplier, is falling behind against countries that have legalized cannabis as German imports grow. Even amid the COVID-19 crisis, Germany’s medical cannabis imports hit a record high in the fourth quarter of 2020. The country imported nearly 10,000 kilograms of legal medical cannabis in 2020.

While traditionally Morocco has supplied 70% of Europe’s demand, all of Germany’s legal imports were supplied by countries that have legalized their cannabis industry. Whereas much of the illegal market in EUrope continues to rely on untaxed exports from Morocco, the legal market is being supplied by Canada, the Netherlands, Uruguay, Spain, Australia and Israel.

Research by cannabis market insiders Prohibition Partners shows steady growth in the domestic medical cannabis market in Germany despite an otherwise difficult year for the country’s economy. 

Germany’s medical cannabis market grew by 100% in 2019, and continued its growth by another 37% according to the German Federal Institute for Drugs…

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