It’s no secret the cannabis industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth these past few years — from a market perspective and a political one.

Consider the political and policy changes we’ve seen in recent months. The House of Representatives recently passed historic legalization legislation (the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement Act).

Thirty-six states now have programs for recreational use, medical use or both. With these changes and a new, cannabis-friendly administration, we’re on track to see federal legalization within the next few years and continued leaps forward in this industry.

One place we’re about to see disruptive transformation is in the cannabis industry’s relationship with data analytics (DA). I’d argue this critical area holds the single-most-important growth opportunity for the critical coming years.

Over my career as a business operations executive, I’ve helped bring DA strategies to the airline, retail, and banking industries, and I’ve seen firsthand how data accelerates growth. Indeed, data collection and analysis proved integral to the successful…

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