Dr Franjo Grotenhermen tells MCN about medical cannabis policy and practice in Germany.

Doctor, author and cannabis advocate Dr Franjo Grotenhermen is founder and Executive Director of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) founder and co-chair of the German Association for Cannabis as Medicine (ACM); and chairman of the Medical Cannabis Declaration (MCD), a charity dedicated to promoting safe access to medical cannabis and evidence-based clinical practice. He tells MCN about the current cannabis landscape in Germany, taking a look at both policy and practice.

What sets Germany’s legislative approach to medical cannabis apart from other EU countries?

Since 2017, under German law every doctor is permitted to prescribe cannabis-based drugs, including cannabis flowers, extracts and individual cannabinoids. Under certain conditions, health insurance companies must cover the costs of therapy. According to the law, health insurance companies may only be allowed to refuse a request for reimbursement in exceptional cases.

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