Civil asset forfeiture and cannabis crackdown seem to go hand in hand.

As the rhetoric ratchets up after President Trump said he’ll likely support efforts in Congress to end the federal ban on marijuana, the passage of such a law could have unintended side benefits — helping to curb civil asset forfeiture.

You know civil asset forfeiture, don’t you? That process by which law enforcement agencies take your goodies — cash, cars, even homes — simply because they suspect it could have been used in a crime, often using the proceeds to fund other goodies, such as guns or vehicles, for their departments.

You don’t have to be convicted to lose your stuff, and it can be hell trying to get it back. The process laughs at constitutional due process protections. Steven Greenhut called it “government thievery” in a recent American Spectator column.

Marijuana production is frequently the impetus for raids. Take this example last year in Saginaw, Michigan,…

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