Of the potential markets left untapped in America’s legal marijuana industry, The South is the biggest of them all. A collective 125.5 million people live in the Southern United States, and only a fraction of them have access to medical marijuana. None of those 125.5 million Americans have access to recreational or adult-use marijuana.

That’s 38 percent of the country, a vast market for cannabis entrepreneurs. But social conservatism and a reluctance to change marijuana policy have kept this market from getting developed. That could change soon.

Here’s where things stand with The South and legal cannabis

As of March 2020, only three states designated by the U.S. Census Bureau as the South have legal medical marijuana: Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida. Arkansas and Louisiana are both relatively small states, with a combined population of about 7.6 million. 

Florida isn’t particularly aligned with the rest of The South, once you reach Gainesville. Orlando, Tampa Bay, and South Florida…

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