The medical marijuana industry is reportedly gearing up for another initiative to legalize recreational pot in Arizona.

This will rekindle familiar arguments. But there is one new issue that should take center stage in this debate: the regulation of the potency of recreational marijuana.

The observation is frequently made that today’s marijuana isn’t the marijuana familiar to aging boomers from their college days. It’s far more potent.

And there is growing medical evidence linking high-potency pot with a substantially higher risk of psychosis.

I have been reliably informed that the lower potency from the boomers’ college days was sufficient for a recreational buzz.

Recreational pot should be different

Causation between high-potency pot and psychosis has yet to be indisputably established. And there are those who dispute it.

But there is enough evidence of correlation that any scheme to legalize recreational marijuana should include the ability of an independent regulator to limit its potency.

This could establish a meaningful…

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