Two County Cavan farmers believe that growing hemp could help bring life back to rural Ireland. 

Kim Kindersley and Michael Ó Lionsaigh have been producing CBD oil from their hemp crops as global demand for the oil increases due to its perceived medical qualities. 

Both farmers believe that the cannabis plant, which is one of the oldest cultivated crops in Ireland, could help reinvigorate rural Ireland and Irish farming. 

Hemp was once extensively grown in Ireland to produce ropes, riggings and sails for ships at a time when sailing was the chief mode of transport. 

Now, the plant is used to make CBD oil, which consists of less than 0.3% THC. THC is a psychoactive that produces the highs associated with cannabis use. 

CBD oil is enjoying unprecedented popularity around the world and Kindersley and Ó Lionsaigh believe that the time is right for hemp production to return to Ireland in earnest. 

“It could bring life…

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