In a battle waged for over a decade, legislators in Chile are fighting, again, for the decriminalization of all use of marijuana—medical and recreational.

Similar to many countries in Latin America, Chile legislation attempts to balance the need to facilitate access and destigmatize the drug for medicinal users, but also to take criminal action against black market drug traffickers who undermine the rule of law across Latin America and the world.

Today the nation is grappling with decriminalization of all forms of cannabis, but anti-decriminalization proponents attempt to undermine that effort.

Marijuana legislation in Chile

For Chile, regulatory questions around cannabis drug policy, medical and recreational, re-emerge every few years.

Since 2005, the country permits private cannabis use but penalizes sales and group usage. The legislation also leaves out statutes for legal possession quantities, rendering the laws challenging to execute.

The bill pushed decriminalization further than many other countries at the time but still generated many…

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