Cannabis producers in B.C. may be forced to stop and smell the grass… and then make sure no one else can.

The smell produced by cannabis production is at the heart of a Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) staff recommendation for the Climate Change Action Committee to green light suggestions to proceed with a public consultation that, within the year, could result in a proposed regulation requiring cannabis producers to undertake significant upgrades and purchase new equipment.

A rose (or bud) by any other name

Some licensed producers, however, believe those concerns smell, well, fishy. “Reasonable regulations that balance community impact with industry growth are obviously desirable,” says Dan Sutton, CEO of Vancouver-based cannabis cultivator, Tantalus Labs.

Sutton points out, however, that the smell from cattle and other odour-intensive farming is not regulated. “Farms create odour, and are lawfully entitled to by the Right to Farm Act. Why would we impose different standards on cannabis, a crop that is…

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