Cannabis tourism is not a new concept.

For many decades vacationers have flocked to cannabis hotspots like Amsterdam, Jamaica, Thailand, and other international destinations often associated with cannabis, albeit unregulated cannabis.

Options for legal cannabis tourism have increased in recent years with the spread of cannabis reform.

Canada is a particularly popular destination these days because of the implementation of cannabis legalization.

Uruguay has also legalized cannabis for adult use, however, tourists are not able to take advantage of the new law because of restrictions.

A recent study found that a significant number of tourists are interested in engaging in cannabis-related vacation activities, which is good news for vacation spots that are struggling to stay afloat during the ongoing pandemic.

Survey Results

An entity called MMGY Travel Intelligence recently surveyed people that identified as being active tourists.

Roughly 1,500 perspective travelers participated in the survey, which asked participants if they were interested in incorporating cannabis-related activities into their…

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