The legal marijuana industry in the United States saw 15 percent growth in 2019, adding 33,700 jobs. Cannabis now employs a record-high of 243,700 Americans.

Leafly’s new 2020 Jobs Report looks at cannabis industry growth in the last year. The industry has seen a whopping 100 percent increase in jobs since the company started recording data three years ago.

“Cannabis has essentially doubled its job count between January of 2017 and January of 2020. There is no other industry that comes close,” says Leafly Editor-in-Chief Bruce Barcott.

It’s been a turbulent year for marijuana companies experiencing a financial reckoning. Bringing these numbers and state-by-state challenges into context is crucial. While 15 percent job sector growth in 2019 is impressive for any industry, in 2018, that number was 65 percent for cannabis.

Barcott explains the findings in Leafly’s fresh Jobs Report, its offering of hope for the industry, and how varying and nuanced the data can be from each state. 

(Image credit: Leafly 2020 Jobs Report)

“We all have…

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