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The government of Quebec is forging ahead in its showdown with Ottawa over homegrown cannabis. On May 9, Quebec’s Liberal house leader and Minister Responsible for Canadian Relations Jean-Marc Fournier published an op-ed in the Montreal Gazette railing against the federal government’s refusal to allow Quebec to ban cannabis home-growing.

“The Canadian minister of Justice is mistaken in her claim that, under the Canadian federal regime, the federal Parliament, acting alone, can create a ‘national regime for the legalization of cannabis,’” Fournier wrote. “By seeking to undermine Quebec’s choice on the issue of home-grown cannabis, the federal government shows how little consideration and recognition it grants to the wishes of a provincial partner, a partner essential to the fulfilment of its election promise, and one who has shown its collaboration in the management of an issue that arose solely from a federal government intention.”

This conflict has all the appearances of a classic battle between…

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