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It’s fairly well-known that many politicians have used marijuana during their younger days, and yet now support prohibitionist policies. But there are only a few out there who have openly admitted to using cannabis to further highlight their hypocrisy, writes Joseph Misulonas.

Here are eight anti-marijuana politicians who used marijuana:

1. Barack Obama

Former president Barack Obama openly discussed using not only marijuana but also cocaine during his teenage years. And while Obama did eventually soften on marijuana by the end of his presidency, throughout most of it he continued and pushed prohibition. If he had embraced the issue earlier, perhaps we’d have more legalized states.

2. Michael Bloomberg

The former Mayor of New York City and possible 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was once asked if he ever used marijuana. He responded, “You bet I did. And I enjoyed it.” Despite his enjoyment, Bloomberg has repeatedly spoken out against legalizing cannabis. Apparently only billionaires should be allowed…

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