Thinking about going global? You’re not alone.

More than ever, I have been getting messages from all over the world asking me for anything from partnerships to investments in start-up cannabis ventures. Because of the demand, I’ve expounded here what makes a global cannabis start-up successful.

In order to prepare to be successful today, one must recognize a few important factors involved in this increasingly competitive landscape: history, government ambiguity, taxes, the unlicensed market, management approaches, and now, COVID-19.

1. Pay attention to warning signs

You must be aware of the current time that cannabis is in, as well as the history behind the largest companies’ failures and closing grow facilities. As an obvious example, Canadian companies received incredible amounts of money and access to financing so quickly, that they overbuilt due to overly optimistic predictions of future demand.

Did these executives know that government approvals in Canada and the European Union would be slow going? Did…

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