Last week, Senators Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill, called the STATES Act, that would protect states with legalized marijuana from federal government interference, writes Joseph Misulonas.

And now the leaders of those states are calling on Congress to pass it.

12 governors signed a letter written to leaders of Congress calling for the passage of the STATES Act. They noted that their states did not pass these laws without thoughtful and careful consideration, and also noted that they were supported by the citizens of their states. They asked that Congress pass the bill and allow their citizens to enjoy the laws they supported. Unsurprising, the list of governors included the leaders of states who have already legalized recreational marijuana (California, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, Washington and Massachusetts).

But the letter also included signatures from non-legalized states. Governor Phil Murphy from New Jersey, who has advocated for legalized recreational marijuana in his state, signed the letter,…

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